Choosing beauty products that meet your needs and keep their promises is essential. In addition, one can multiply the benefits of his care by adopting reflexes beautiful skin, everyday. We give you here 6 simple reflexes, to adopt daily!

6 beauty booster reflexes

  • Reflex 1: Inhale deeply , stand in front of your window, and look at the sky stretching each centimeter of your body as if you wanted to touch the sky with your fingertips.
  • Reflex 2: disconnect . Set aside your phone until you leave home.
  • Reflex 3: Do your facial gym to undo the features .
    • 1.Lower the forehead, looking strongly down, without tilting the neck.
    • 2.Tonify the eye contour by placing the index finger on the brow bone and thumb on the top of the cheekbones to keep the eyes open. Then, close them and open them wide.
    • 3. Toning the neck and smoothing the mouth, pronouncing "Smiiiile" in an exaggerated way, by raising the commissures of the lips, while exhaling then, release.
  • Reflex 4: Rub your hands to warm them up, then put them on each other on the stomach for a few minutes to refocus.
  • Give yourself a good time to breathe deeply several times, focusing on your breathing .
  • Reflex 6: Sing as soon as you can to trigger the production of endorphins or hormones of pleasure and also work our abs. One hour of singing would be equivalent to one hour of sport.