You thought you were the queen of pasta? But did you know these tips that make cooking successful? We explain how to cook the pasta well ..

I let my pasta breathe

A lot of pasta in little water ... No wonder they stick! The rule to avoid this pitfall is to offer a large saucepan (or even a Dutch oven or casserole), filled with a large volume of salt water . The proportion to remember: 10 g of salt per 100 g of pasta in 1 liter of water. For 4 people, we recommend 400g of pasta, 40g of salt ... and no less than 4 liters of water!

I add olive oil at the right time

Add a dribble of oil in the water is strictly useless, moreover, it remains on the surface. On the contrary, it prevents even the good impregnation of the sauce later ... Before draining the pasta, it is thought to keep a glass of cooking water (the starch gives binder to the sauce). Once pasta seasoned, we can finally add a little trickle of oil just before serving! Even if many cooking oils exist , to season pasta, we prefer olive oil, which contains more than 60% of omega-9, little omega-6 and vitamin E.

Al dente : the perfect cooking?

The Italian instructions invites to keep crunchy tooth ... But the notion is very subjective! In southern Italy, for example, we like pasta that is firmer than in the North, where we cook it much less than at home! The good reflex: never longer than the time indicated on the package, for a much better result than noodles all soft, and more digestible too, since they are chewed longer ...