What is nail art?

Nail Art (also known as nail art) is a technique that consists of creating decorations on nails instead of or in addition to a classic manicure. Practiced in France for a few decades, nail art has become popular in recent years. Blame it on a trend coming mainly from Asian countries, where the nails were becoming longer, more colorful, and adorned with all kinds of shapes. Today, fashion has invaded the entire planet and can match his nails on all occasions: the holiday season or Halloween , but also the fruits or the sea, inspire the most creative!

A matter of experts ... and beginners

Just a glance to realize this: the nail art is a painstaking work that requires mastery of color and precision. In fact, made nails with micro-patterns is far from obvious and often better to go to a pro to be satisfied with the result. If you want to go home? It is better to have the necessary equipment ... and to review its pretensions! We forget the rich patterns in details and figurative and we prefer the most basic manicures!

  • geometric patterns , peas , V-manicures , which use basic geometric shapes are a good option to start.
  • the shades of colors, realized with several colors and a sponge which allows to blur the demarcation of the colors, allow to obtain a nice result without tearing the hair

Finally, it is better to opt for various reasons rather than repeat the same drawing on each nail at the risk of comparing tirelessly his fingers and to see a multitude of small errors!

Discover below all our ideas, our tips and our tips to wear stylish and neat nails in all circumstances!