In the bedroom, the most cozy room in the house, you must also fight against dust mites and other bacteria. To tidy up your house is also to tidy up your room!

Ventilate the room as much as possible , you can also lift the mattress to let it breathe and vacuum it (as well as the bed base). Wash your sheets, quilts, pillows and protective covers.

When the weather is nice, put your blankets and big duvets in covers (get them down to the cellar or stuck them in a closet); some allow the suction of air and are a real asset "space saving" when storing until the next winter.

Empty the room and if you have a steamer, pass it everywhere; especially under skirting boards and radiators as well as in the most inaccessible corners of the room.

Turn off the electricity on the meter and clean all your bulbs, sockets and switches with a cloth lightly moistened with water (you will gain clarity, your bulbs will last longer and you will use less energy to light your room).

Remember to clean windows , doors , joints and windows .

Also sort your desk : make piles by separating the staff from the professional before placing your documents in the storage of your office.

Finally, if you have a floor: clean it (first put a small shot of insecticide between the slats, taking care to keep your pet away for the duration of the operation, to avoid the appearance of fleas floor); wax it if needed!

Once, this work done, you can attack your closet!

Start by sorting out your winter , summer and mid - season clothes. It is even more practical to add the corresponding accessories (bags, scarves, scarves, sunglasses, gloves).

If you do not have a cellar to store your warm clothes, put them in the bottom of the shelves, so that the lighter things are the easiest to access.

Sort with logic: do not keep what you do not put in years! Take the plunge ... sell the beautiful pieces (on sale or on an empty dressing room), give the less valuable clothes that are in good condition and throw the rest (with your old cotton T-shirts, you can do rags for the household or for children's painting workshops)!

Do not keep what is too small, too big or just out of date.

As for the socks, bring all the singles together, marry them when you can and throw out the ones that remain on the tile (you can keep one or two, in wool, to polish your furniture).

After sorting out accessories and lingerie, use plastic or cardboard boxes (like shoe boxes) and put your little ones together! You will save time when getting dressed.

Hanging side, stack several clothes on the same hanger, you will gain a precious place in your closet.

Side folded, for the organization of shelves , you can: either sort the clothes by type (tank tops with tank tops, short sleeves with short sleeves ...), or stack by color, you see!

Spring Household Survey Results:

You are in total 43% to answer "yes like every year", 10% will not do it, 42% will do it if they have the courage and 43% decide to do it this year!