• What time do you get up in the morning?

Around 7 o'clock, for my daughter. As my voice wakes up later than me, we spend a little time exchanging silence and hugs.

  • Do you go out with your face naked?

In the morning, it's glasses and cap, I count on the empathy of the neighborhood parents. Later, I apply under the eyes of the concealer and a veil of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder, a hint of Guerlain's Terracotta, Maybelline's transparent mascara to define the eyelashes. And I redraw my eyebrows with Dior's Diorshow Dark Brown pencil. Before going on stage, intensifying my eyes participates in my concentration.

  • Do you feel the need to play sports?

I stopped running after the 2007 marathon, it became too aggressive for my knees. I live in Montmartre, walking and stairs are part of my cardio routine. I do Pilates twice a week. And I often add an hour of yoga.

  • Your greatest delight?

Go away and give me a week of sunshine in winter.

  • The three beauty products you never separate?

Carita's Ultra-Nourishing Fluid 14 Beauty Fluid - which I mix with my day cream or my foundation -, Cattier's Rose Radiance Look Concentrate and Caudalie's Nightly Detox Oil.

  • Do you like your age?

I am 43 years old. Between 40 and 45, there is a period of awareness. The skin is less cool after an outing or a day of work, fatigue is not seen anymore. We cross a bridge towards something that we must accept. I no longer have the privilege of being irresponsible with my body. It's beautiful, strong, but not easy to wear every day.

  • Does aging make you anxious?

Sometimes, we realize that the taxi driver is twenty years younger than you, that there are miles between you and his youthful form. Life pinches every day, we lose our elders. It reminds you how happy you are to be there without facing the misadventures of the disease. I feel a constant gratitude.

  • What do you tell your daughter about beauty?

A sense of accuracy She knows we take broccoli at dinner after a big sweet snack, we can shift jeans with boots, a jacket with a sweatshirt ... She already has her style that she develops.

  • What does your hair say about you?

I wore the bangs until I was pregnant, and then abandoned her. Less flattering but more direct. I really like that. As they are stiff and flat, I use Aesop shampoo.

  • Your worst beauty reflex?

Two or three cigarettes rolled a day. I do not like the habit but I appreciate the moment.

  • The beauty gesture that suits you the most?

Wear a perfume. The lemony scent of Carita Fluid of Beauty 14, which evokes my childhood at Caesarea (Israel) or Fragonard's Orange Blossom.

  • Your definition of beauty?

To understand the accuracy of a being in the frequencies of his voice, to guess his tenderness in his eyes. Even the gestures of the hands is a source of information. These elements tell a story, it's beautiful.

  • The most beautiful woman you've seen?

My mother, Dutch of Asian origin has always been my model. She celebrates her femininity with naturalness and modesty. She always has a fresh look, even under her wrinkles.