Before, I missed the galette des rois. But that was before ! We give you all our tips to never make a flop with this holiday dessert!

The right ingredients for a gourmet cake

Difficult to compete with the patties of the pros , especially when you do not have the courage to embark on the meticulous preparation of a puff pastry (between the number of rounds and rest periods, it takes 2 hours of preparation at least !). So, we choose a pastry puff pastry, or any ready in GMS, but 100% pure butter . Ditto for eggs, butter, almonds: we prefer the top of the basket or nothing!

Almond cream or frangipane?

It all depends on his tastes. Both are traditional fillings of the cake but the second is much richer. Frangipane is a mixture of almond cream (butter / sugar / almond powder / eggs) and pastry cream (with milk and cornstarch in addition to, and re-sugar, yolks). eggs ...). Whatever its choice, the important thing is to distribute this filling in a homogeneous layer, 1.5 cm thick, it's great ... and, above all, not to forget the bean!

Must shine!

A cake that lacks shine? Certainly not ! At a minimum, brown the top dough with egg yolk before baking. But for a more scintillating result, it is painted with a syrup of sugar (50g, heated with 5 cl of water) at the exit of the oven ... Attention the eyes!

Once all his advice taken into account, all we have to do is go behind the stove to make the best kibble of the kings !