With a floating island , to sublimate a mellow chocolate ... We always have the opportunity to savor a good custard. For a tasty topping every time, we give you all our tips.

A recipe easier than it seems

Strangely, this recipe is scary and arouses exaggerated apprehensions: it is really not so difficult. The only step that deserves a minimum of attention is cooking. If you are careful no reason that it goes wrong. We do not lose sight of the fact that the sauce should just thicken without cooking at high temperature.

How to have a perfect creaminess?

It is the amount of egg yolks that ensures the creaminess of custard. Recipe ? 6 yolks for 125 g of sugar a warm mixture of 40 cl of milk, 30 cl of whole liquid cream 1 vanilla pod. Then the whole thickens on low heat without exceeding 82 ° C. It is at this temperature that the yellows coagulate. Then we stop cooking as soon as the sauce coats the wooden spoon .

How to preserve custard?

Once the texture is good, pour the cream into a bowl, which is cooled by soaking in a bowl with water and ice cubes. Then film contact (that is to say by sticking the film on the cream), to prevent the formation of a crust of condensation droplets. The custard is savored cold so we reserve it in the fridge ... before making fabulous eggs in the snow , or serving with a chocolate cake, mmmh!