A soft glow, a warm touch or an intimate atmosphere in no time ... The candles have a multitude of properties and act as well on our decor as on our mood. But for a comfortable atmosphere, you need a perfect candle!

How to optimize my candles?

For each problem there is a solution :

  • Problem # 1: It flows . To avoid this slight cosmetic problem, simply place the candle in the refrigerator the day before. After 1 night in the cool, it should no longer flow!
  • Problem # 2: It does not fit in the candlestick . There is no need to grease the wax at the base of the candle for hours to reduce its diameter. There is a much faster and more efficient solution. It suffices to soak the base in boiling water. Once soft, the candle will fit.
  • Problem # 3: She is scraped . Scratches, nail marks, damaged luster, caress with hand slipped into nylon tights. Magic.
  • Problem # 4: She smokes. Not top for a warm and comforting atmosphere. The solution ? Cut the bit to 6 mm max. And repeat the operation each time you turn it on .
  • Problem 4: The wick is off center. And, suddenly, the candle collapses asymmetrically. To avoid it, when the wax is still hot, we refocus the wick with the handle of a cover .

How to clean the traces of wax?

To play with fire, sometimes the wings are burned. Between the lighting that may be dangerous, the hot wax that fascinates children and settles softly on the decor, the wax can cause damage. Our tips for removing stains:

  1. My candlestick is full of wax . Just place it in the freezer a few hours so that the wax retracts and is thus easier to scratch. A maneuver to repeat on small objects of all kinds that support the passage to the cold.
  2. I have stained a garment : generally, sprinkling the stain with boiling water (placing over a sink) will be enough. If the fabric is fragile, it goes smoothly and covers the stain of paper towel before passing on a hot iron. We renew until the task is gone.
  3. If the stain is oily : sprinkle with talcum powder, apply several sheets of absorbent paper and put the hot iron on it.

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