If the kitchen is a paradise of flavors, the atmosphere can quickly become nightmarish because of bad smells. Fish, frying, cooking etc .. we give you all our best ideas to give a slap to bad smells ...

If it comes from the fridge ...

We look for the culprits: vegetables forgotten at the bottom of the compartment, poorly protected ham, cheeses, traces of milk / sauce ... For them, this is the trash. Care is also taken to clean the affected parts of the refrigerator with a mixture of baking soda (2 CS), water (1 bowl) and lemon essential oil (2 drops). We also check the drain hole (the small hole in the bottom): if necessary, it is debouched with a wooden pick. No time to break everything? We put a bowl of milk in the center of the refrigerator for the night: it will alleviate a little the problem.

SOS it smells like fish

It smells (still) the fish in the room. And it's been 24 hours that it lasts ... We boil white vinegar in a pan to quickly absorb the bad smells. Then we toast bread or heat spices (cinnamon sticks, cloves) for a few minutes in the pan while stirring. Bye bye the fishy!

When the bin stinks

To prevent spills and smells of seafood, pour coffee grounds, baking soda or cat litter directly into the bottom of the bag. Or we use ad hoc bags (Dévor odor, Handy bag, 4,35 € the 12 at Auchan). It is emptied as soon as possible and the tray is cleaned with dishwashing liquid or white vinegar to keep away the bad odors.