The mixer tap is the type of faucet that is found most often in bathrooms, unlike mixer taps, or "old fashioned". Their particularity? The flow and temperature of the water are regulated with a single handle, while the mixers have two controls. Among the advantages of the first is the practical side: no need to use both hands to adjust the water, only one is enough, leaving the other free to do something else. Always useful for brushing your teeth for example ... The benefits do not stop there, since with mixers, we save water, but also energy. How? Simply because we get the temperature we want faster. Note also that it is possible to choose a thermostatic mixer , particularly interesting when you have young children. With this model, the temperature of the water is adjusted to avoid the risk of burns.

Question of style

Finally, the modern appearance of this type of faucet fits perfectly in contemporary bathrooms equipped with Italian washbasins and showers. However, mixer taps are not left behind. Their use requires, certainly, both hands, but they will be the most beautiful effect in a bathroom classic or retro. As such, a foot bath, for example, will be highlighted with a tap of this style. Once the choice of the type of faucet has been stopped, you still have to choose the shape, the color and the finishes: chrome, gold, retro, low, high ... All the details that contribute to personalize your bathroom . For this, we do not hesitate to discover all faucet collections available on the market, just to have an overview of what is possible to consider.
Here again, everything depends on the style of the room, but also on the way the washbasins are installed. Depending on whether they are recessed or just resting on the worktop, the choice is indeed different. In the first case, a low faucet is perfect, while in the second, a high model is preferred. Finally, for the fans of originality and modernity, let us mention the infrared tap, the water tap or the tap with digital screen. Not essential, but not totally useless for the successful development of his bathroom. To everyone to see.