This Wednesday of January, she is called on the stage of Pavilion Salomon de Rothschild in Paris. A frail figure with a green tailor's jacket and leopard slippers, his long brown hair framing a straightforward smile, Chalotte Husson closes the heart-felt prize awarded by the jury of the "Digital Beauty" on the occasion of the Prix ​​d'Excellence of the beauty 2018 Marie Claire.

"Miffed", "grateful", "honored", at the age of 31, Charlotte, founder of Mister K Fighting Kit , a brand of beauty box, clothing and accessories designed in support of the sick does not return from the path accomplished.

Four years ago, she was diagnosed with stage 3 C ovarian cancer. A physical and psychological cataclysm that she thought she was not going to survive.

Removal of the ovaries and uterus at age 27

"I had stomach pains regularly for two years, all the doctors told me the same thing: it will pass, it is the stress , the rules ... until I make a bowel obstruction. I was told that my case - the famous K (for cancer) - was much more serious. "

Immediately taken care of, Charlotte connects the examinations to refine the diagnosis and establish the treatment. The verdict falls quickly: total removal of the ovaries and uterus, 36 chemios.

"I was 27 years old and my world was falling apart, I always wanted to have children." Stunned but stubborn, Charlotte works to find a surgeon who wants to freeze her oocytes , despite the mixed opinion of her oncologist. "He wanted to go very quickly because of my condition, but I was in another fight, priority, which was to preserve my fertility, which I managed to do." In hindsight, I can say that I did not I did not understand right away that I was in danger of death. "

"I thought I was going to go there"

It took complications at the mid-point of her treatment for the reality to be hard on her. "I made a perforation of the bladder after one of my operations -ndlr: it will suffer a total of 6. I was thin, I lost 15 kg, I was very weak at that time. really thought I was going to go there. "

Death, there are "a few times" thought during this year and a half of trips to the hospital. She also saw it in the eyes of her relatives. "I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of people, I never had more dinners than at that time, my family, my friends, my guy took turns to make sure I was never alone. It was not easy to tell them my deepest anxieties, I wrote a lot, by mail most of the time, it was effective, it saved us from collapsing all at the same time. "

Then comes the day when, "we are told that we are in remission". A pivotal moment that is accompanied by great joy and, paradoxically, a certain anxiety. "We are afraid because from that moment, we know that we will be less supervised, less followed daily."

The remission, the backlash

How to find your life before? Besides, can we really? It is usually at this point that the kickback begins, the one that makes the survivors realize what they have gone through. What they missed too.

"We turn around and realize that we have not moved forward, it made me sad and angry, I became selfish, self-centered," recalls Charlotte. Trying to ignore the feeling of abandonment that comes with the end of care, she resumes her work. "At the time, at Sézane , I had the chance to wait for me", but Charlotte can not stand compromises, deadlines, schedules ... And understands that it is definitely not the same.

As if to better understand what happened to her, the young woman opens a blog to tell about her journey as a former patient. Very quickly, conversations revolve around the same topics: beyond the path of care and cancer itself, appearance, comfort and self care during treatments are discussed. The lack is screaming, the actual demand.

The need to engage and talk about cancer differently

It was at this moment that Charlotte decided to start: "I wanted to create beauty and well-being kits for the sick by inspiring people who are well!" A way to talk about cancer differently and to prove, if it is still necessary, that this "futile" compound of lipstick , eyebrow kit and other cream jars can sometimes be more than useful: salutary.

Today, Charlotte is "well". Like her, as the cancer recedes, her business flourishes. Each month, it donates 5% of its sales to research against cancer, more than 8000 euros to date.

With his spouse, they adopted a dog. A way to learn to care for someone other than herself, she says. A way also to mourn a child "to oneself".

Despite the stigma and pain of a prematurely aged body, she is now enjoying her rebirth: "Cancer has changed me for the better, after that I'm not afraid of anything! A daring who pays since the young woman has recently caught the eye of Sheryl Sandberg, number 2 of Facebook, impressed by his fight and his business model based on social networks.

"Never give up", can we read, like a mantra, on the sweatshirts and sweaters sold on its site. "Never give up".