Vegetarian and vegan diets have never been so trendy. And the virtues of a 100% vegetable diet, both health and well-being, attract more and more French people. Angèle Ferreux-Maeght, with her charming smile and naturalness, generously shares her "beneficent foods" and has more than one asset to convert to the most ferocious carnivores. We like his energetic and creative approach, which would almost forget that his recipes are "without" (meat, gluten, lactose) as they give the impression of a greater inventiveness in the service of vitality.

Tip # 1: aquafaba a substitute for the top

The technique of "aquafaba" is to whisk the cooking water of chickpeas to obtain a preparation that replaces egg whites beaten into snow. The effect is quite bluffing, and neutral to taste: to test in a meringue or a chocolate mousse!

Tip # 2: The full potential of cauliflower

I dynamite the vegetable by passing it to the mixer. Thus reduced to powder, its florets become a semolina raw, light and with a scent not pronounced in an excellent tabouleh. To test also in hot version, couscous way, or instead of the flour in a pizza dough .

Tip # 3: Bet on seeds and algae

I make great use of mucilage ingredients (seeds, algae ...), which swell on contact with water and thus have gelling and texturing properties. They give binder to preparations and replace eggs or dairy products.

Tip 4: a 100% vegetable mozzarella

I bluff with a fake "mozzarella": it consists of cashews (300g) dipped overnight in water. I mix them with 20g of blond psyllium (organic store) diluted in 15 cl of boiling water and a hint of salt. We go to the refrigerator 2 hours and we get a firm white paste, which melts but does not brown. Excellent raw, with a good olive oil, of course!

Tip 5: the dates in pastry

I reduce dates to puree and thus obtain an ideal base for all the pastry: in the biscuit of cheesecakes, in a brownie ... This purée replaces both butter and sugar by its natural sweetening potential. We choose the most soft varieties (of the medjoul type) or if necessary, they are soaked if they are too dry.

To read. Angèle Ferreux-Maeght's "La Guinguette d'Angèle", photos by Aurélie Miquel, 400p., € 25, ed. Marabout. "A kitchen that makes you happy, beautiful and healthy", promises the book: a nice bet to take up!